Whatever they say, Pumping IS Nursing my baby!

Your decision to exclusively pump, partially pump, or pump once per day should not be up for debate.  Other parents may claim that everyone should directly breastfeed or chestfeed, but they do not make decisions for your family!  When faced with an uncomfortable situation, how do you reply to negative comments?  We want you to feel empowered to shout from the rooftops “pumping IS nursing my baby!” 

What do I say back?

Sometimes, you might be caught off guard when you hear criticism about pumping.  Someone might say, “Wouldn’t it just be easier to breastfeed?”. In the heat of the moment, you might let them know that it is none of their business, “pumping IS nursing my baby”.  What are other things you can say to help them learn to be kinder to others?  You might try disarming these nay-sayers with comments based on evidence as well as your feelings about pumping.

Awesome come backs for the misinformed

If someone tells you “Pumping is not breastfeeding”.  You might reply, “You are misinformed….in fact…pumping IS nursing my baby…. Here’s a few reasons why:

  • My milk is filled with live cells that help to protect my baby from illness whether I’m pumping or directly nursing. 
  • All the nutrients my baby needs to thrive are in this bottle of milk.  Did you know that my milk decreases in carbohydrates and increases in fats as my baby grows?
  • Don’t you see how my baby looks in my eyes lovingly when he drinks my pumped milk?
  • I worked very hard trying to breastfeed directly and it didn’t work out.  Pumping and feeding my baby my milk is my superpower!
  • Look how healthy she is!  Those baby rolls and strong body are because I pump my milk for her.

You should be proud!

Pumping is a lot of work, just like directly breast or chestfeeding.  We are proud of you for doing the extra work to provide your baby with your pumped milk.  Let us know if you have any pumping questions.  Some concerns might be improving flange fit, optimizing pump settings, maintaining milk production while pumping, or how to wean off the pump.  We are here to support you on your nursing journey.  Reach out to us at Milk Connections Lacation Consulting to schedule a consult today!